A dangerous game that is commonly played despite never having a winner. As we venture into the abyss called future, I cannot help but feel this enormous amount of bewilderment. Life, as simple as it… View Post

Becoming a Yoga Teacher. Part 1: Why Am I Doing This?

So I bit the bullet. I registered to get my very first certification to teach yoga. I have been interested in doing this for some time, but held doubts in my ability to do so… View Post

In My Throat

Choking on words that I cannot seem to find. Desperate for an outlet. Walking, running, crawling to find stillness. Or avoid it. Living within a specific ambiguity. A clearly defined gray state of mind. For… View Post

Here and Now

Still chatter under old, all knowing trees A distant drumbeat accompanied by a late August breeze that seems to seduce into the present moment Giggling from unattainable shadows pleased with merely the sound of their… View Post

My Ten Commandments.

The spiritual armor I choose to wear.… View Post

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