I like to know everything because I know that I know nothing To know that I know is questionable which is why I question

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A female with an oddly spelled name Most of her time spent questioning questioning and questioning answers Able to organize chaos at risk of sanity Needing to exhale more than inhale She’s sweet Her neuroticism…

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I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

This ongoing conversation I find myself in is exhausting at best. The toiling over whether or not the future has my present’s best interest is a moving target. It feels like a depraved part of…

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A dangerous game that is commonly played despite never having a winner. As we venture into the abyss called future, I cannot help but feel this enormous amount of bewilderment. Life, as simple as it…

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Becoming a Yoga Teacher. Part 1: Why Am I Doing This?

So I bit the bullet. I registered to get my very first certification to teach yoga. I have been interested in doing this for some time, but held doubts in my ability to do so…

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