Hello Beautiful People!

Barefoot coffee addict always near greenery 🙂 C’est moi.

I’m Ilyssa.


I’m pulled to create a community that is determined to live full, authentic lives free of fear and rich in faith. I encourage creativity at all costs and live by the saying Less But Better.

Less Noise.
Less Stress.
Less Competition.
Less Expectation.
Less Regret.

I’m here to help others listen to their inner voice that has been muffled by external restrictions and to serve as a reminder that belief in yourself is not pompous but imperative.

And here is my philosophy…

Move. To Change Position or Posture
This represents to stay in motion whether that be physically or mentally- avoid stagnation.  I strongly believe that travel is essential for the human experience.  As we travel physically, our minds are truly what get the exercise.  Move represents physical movement internally and externally.   It solicits progress.
 Take each step into the unknown with wide eyes and open hearts.  

Nourish. To Promote the Growth Of 
I’m curious in all different ways we can nourish ourselves from food to healthy habits and everything in between.  I strongly believe that if we learn how to Nourish ourselves in every sense of the word, it is impossible not to enjoy the life we have been given.  I want to share what has worked for me, what I am interested in, and what I am experimenting with in hopes that it may work for others.

Connect. To Become Joined
You can call it God, the Universe, Source, whatever, but it’s hard to argue that believing in something higher than yourself doesn’t have benefits.  I have come to terms with the fact that if I rely only on myself I will fail tim
e and time again. I need something higher to connect with. Something divine.  The mistake that we make as humans is that we believe we are The Center, The Omega, The Almighty because this idea is what sells in society, yet this is working against us.  The idea of Connect is synonymous with community, there is where we find our spirit, our happiness. It is essential that we take the time to connect to a solid foundation in order to build from it.  A house built on sand will sink.

All in all, this blog is a glimpse into my interests, my character, and my story.  I focus on self-improvement, culture, and faith with everything that I write or endorse.  My goal is to lead women into an intentional, value-based lifestyle that puts God and their dreams first.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for checking me out.  Even if I don’t know you personally, I wish only the best for your life!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and CONNECT



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