Am I There Yet?

Time chasing my seemingly immobile body. Am I there yet? Craving novelty to jump out and bite me, yet weary of scars. Am I there yet? This cannot be all there is, this cannot be…

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Go There

Looking to someone else does not let you see yourself, no matter how seductive. And practical when blind. There is no way of knowing. Yet close your eyes and there you are waiting.

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I have so many hearts for you. I have them all over. I make sure to have some in my night stand and never leave my house without hearts in my purse. Just in case.…

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A dangerous game that is commonly played despite never having a winner. As we venture into the abyss called future, I cannot help but feel this enormous amount of bewilderment. Life, as simple as it…

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Moving To New Orleans

I have this habit of moving to places I’ve never been……

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