A dangerous game that is commonly played despite never having a winner. As we venture into the abyss called future, I cannot help but feel this enormous amount of bewilderment. Life, as simple as it is in its essence, has grown into something unmanageable and unkind when one takes the ill-informed suggestion of viewing it through a dirty lens. I feel we are all encouraged to further smudge our perceptions with the expectations of others and contort our individuality into a mold which is displeasing, discouraging and desperate.

Why do we collectively choose to ride this ride?

I am not above nor below this behavior, merely an observer of my surroundings with a relentlessly inquisitive mind formulating questions that will never feel the relief of an answer.

Maybe that is by design.

Maybe if we could reveal the answers to why we cannot “keep to ourselves” we would no longer possess a sense of self. Maybe we need others to find our version of I. Maybe that’s the only way to find it.

Alas, we take this past the perimeters of cordiality into the dark and murky waters of contempt and vengeance. Constantly inundated with an abundance of reasons to never face a mirror and left spiritually emaciated in search of nourishment by way of a self given compliment. It seems we are urged to feed that which leaves us only with scraps. The emotional robbery that has accumulated as a result of likening ourselves to anyone other than ourselves is dangerously close to leaving our society bankrupt. We frivolously spend our only currency, time, on something that is fashioned to keep us in debt. Always paying attention to others and never having any left to put toward our individual self.

To be freed of this debt is to pay.

Pay attention to the way you feel, think, and act. Realize that if it is not helping you, it is hurting you. It is simple to articulate but a challenge to practice.

You will never be enough of something you’re not.

Thank God.

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