Becoming a Yoga Teacher. Part 1: Why Am I Doing This?

Becoming a Yoga Teacher. Part 1: Why Am I Doing This?

So I bit the bullet.

I registered to get my very first certification to teach yoga. I have been interested in doing this for some time, but held doubts in my ability to do so because of my unhealthy relationship to my ego. I used to have this silly idea of what a yoga teacher would/should look like, what they do, and how they show up in the world, but then I realized I was focusing on everything BUT what was important. To teach yoga is to be willing to help others heal and connect to who they are and who they could be. It is reinforcing that what we have is more than enough and that we must focus internally instead of externally.

So that is what I’m doing. I’m allowing myself to be both teacher and student throughout this process and remembering that I must be PATIENT with myself, my expectations, and my journey. I’m doing this because I know now more than ever that if we, as a people, do not take time to develop a connection to ourselves, our feelings, our bodies, we will fail to connect anywhere else.

We all deserve to feel good most of the time and if we do not feel good then it is our own doing. A hard pill to swallow, yet medicine vital to take. Teaching yoga adds a legitimacy to the ethereal concepts that steal most of my attention. To gain this accolade will allow me to reach others very similar or very different than myself and assist them in finding union (yoga) with what matters most. It feels almost like a vocation: healing. A large responsibility with large rewards. The challenge is worth it because it is the reason for being; growth.

So exhausting to believe that what is solicited to us via media and politics is the “right” way to be. There is no such thing. If ever anyone tells you what is right for you, see it as a sign that they are disconnected to what is right for them.

Listen more than talk

Question more than answer

Let go more than grip

Allow more than force

Accept more than deny.

I guess I am doing this, getting certified, because it feels like the next most logical step. There need not be more reason than that.

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