Here and Now

Here and Now

Still chatter under old, all knowing trees

A distant drumbeat accompanied by a late August breeze that seems to seduce into the present moment

Giggling from unattainable shadows pleased with merely the sound of their own joy and water flowing constant

Patterning like a treasured quilt, ripples embracing one on top of the other

Not trying to demand an audience, yet commanding one all the same

Beauty questions only itself which is the allure

True magnificence cannot be seen, only felt

Felt to the feelers fearless enough to feel

The allowance of splendor is a commitment nary a man can go back on

To know is to never forget

To remain discontent when others distract

The richness of reality is meant to fatten oneself with memories, experience, and excellence

To deny this truth is starvation of the soul which is spiritual suicide

Man’s biggest flaw is believing he has one

For the thought given to this falsehood is the birthplace of lack

Embracing that all of which you admire IS all of which you are is the secret

Separating the two is unnatural, yet all too common

Which explains man’s constant striving to covet what he already has

Competition is a farce and hierarchy a myth

We all are

That is all that is.

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