Reasons Your Dreams Won’t Come True

Just get a real job…

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Turning 30

Can’t believe I made it. I used to stupidly glamorize not reaching 3 decades.  The path I used to be on was headed in that direction.  If I wasn’t literally dead at 30 I would…

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Minimalist Makeup

I was never the kind of chic that would wear a full face of makeup.  It never made sense to me!  It seemed like it took too long and it was like the girls that…

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Stop Trying to Justify Your Life to Others

We all do this even though we know it gets us nowhere and dampens our spirit each time we attempt it… The only person we need to answer to is yourself.  It always has been…

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Why I Choose to Commit to My Happiness

Deciding to look on the bright side sounds cliche and it is, but it is vital to get anything out of life. 

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