Minimalist Makeup

Minimalist Makeup

I was never the kind of chic that would wear a full face of makeup.  It never made sense to me!  It seemed like it took too long and it was like the girls that did it were lying to other people in a weird way.  I don’t want to come off like I am completely against makeup- I’m not as long as it is cruelty free 😉  but I don’t think it is necessary to collect a bunch of expensive makeup I will never wear or saving it for a fancy occasion that never comes.

Here is a list of all my makeup:

BB Cream

Pressed Powder (occasionally I use this)


Eyebrow Pencil


Eye Shadow (only one color)


Pencil Sharpener


Lip Balm

Lip Pencil (for when I’m fancy)

Blush (it’s a lipstick that has multi-use)

Nude Lipstick

& 2 really old brushes!

I remember before going minimalist, getting makeup that I thought was pretty when I saw it, but knew it was not me in the slightest. A great example of this is lipstick and eyeshadow.  There were always SO MANY colors to choose from and a lot seemed too over the top for my taste.  I would attempt at wearing it for a day and feel like a clown.  I soon began to come to terms with the fact that I am not a makeup girl.


I’ve decluttered my makeup down to the bare essentials that I would use for EVERYTHING.  Basically, the stuff that I have now I use on a daily or weekly basis and I found that less really is more when it comes to “fancy makeup” for an event.  For example, instead of strong highlights and contours, heavy foundation and a rainbow of colors on my face, I stick to BB cream, mascara and an eyebrow pencil.  When I get really fancy is when I put on a red lip.  That’s it.  I focus more on skincare then on makeup.

It astounds me how many women will cover up all of their imperfections, but never try to solve the root of their skin issue.  I think that is counterproductive.  We have all seen the people on Youtube that completely transform their face to look like a completely different person.  As far as art goes, I find it impressive when their is a goal in mind or a character the person is trying to emulate, but when it is just a girl that literally changes everything that God gave her to look more like a Kardashian, it makes me sad.

When did we get to the point in society that so many young, and old women have that much of a problem with the way their face looks without makeup?  Again, I fully support makeup to play with or experiment, but when you feel like you cannot leave the house without a full face on- there is a problem.

Since adapting minimalism, I cannot be bothered to add any unnecessary stress to my life.  I am very particular about what is important to me and what makes me feel like MYSELF and not another person.

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