My Ten Commandments.

My Ten Commandments.
  1. I will not agree with opinions or do tasks that I do not believe in in order to make someone else feel better. I am not responsible for anyone else’s comfort and yes that makes me selfish. No, that is not a bad thing.
  2. I will not allow my mind to make me feel like I am not enough.
  3. I will not use eating, drinking, shopping, or any other vice to soothe my emotions. If I am dwelling in a low vibration, I will only do things that serve me to nurture myself out of that state.
  4. I will not push to make anything happen. I trust that all is manifesting around me for my greatest good and I find peace in knowing that truth.
  5. I will not let others low vibration penetrate my wellbeing.
  6. I will not apologize for who I am or what I like.
  7. I will not be mean or hateful to myself about my appearance.
  8. I will not reprimand myself for not being perfect. I realize the mere idea of perfection is insanity. I do not want to be insane therefore, I will not entertain this thought.
  9. I will not let any relationship, platonic or otherwise, get in the way of my relationship with God.
  10. I will show gratitude each day for all that I experience. The more I show my appreciation for all that is, and for all that is not, the more abundance will flow into my physical experience. I will show gratitude in the knowing that I am the creator of my reality and treat myself with the respect that that is so.

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