My Ten Commandments.

The spiritual armor I choose to wear.… View Post

Everyone Should Listen to Abraham…

Again, Law of Attraction. You hear about it from what seems like every successful person out there. It can seem like all you have to do is want something and then it happens. I think… View Post

3 Ways To Practice Faith (When You Don’t Know What To Do)

Trusting The Process Having faith in God is something that I think we all like to believe that we have, but the art of practicing that fact is a whole nother story.  It’s no secret… View Post

Unrequited Love

A sticky subject that most of us would like to pretend we have never been on the unattractive side of.  I’ll admit it- I definitely have.  I”ll go as far as to say that I… View Post

Yoga Everyday Changes…

Everyone tells you that you should do yoga.  I remember first getting into it, amateurly I admit, when I was around 15 years old.  Of course, I did not practice it as religiously as I… View Post

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