Everyone Should Listen to Abraham…

Everyone Should Listen to Abraham…

Again, Law of Attraction. You hear about it from what seems like every successful person out there. It can seem like all you have to do is want something and then it happens. I think that is the truth, but the hardest part, at least for me, is allowing myself to believe I will get it.

Abraham Hicks (Esther Hicks) has taken up a significant amount of space in my head lately. I find myself listening to several 15 minute videos of hers on Youtube throughout my day. Something that she teaches is the different steps we take in manifestation.

Step one: Ask. Step two: Source answers. Step three: Allow.

That third step is so tricky. It goes against everything that I have been taught consciously and unconsciously for most of my life. There is this part deep down that knows that everything I want I can, should, and will have but for some reason my mind buts in and confuses the process. I have become so used to believing that life has to be hard, or that I must fight for what I want.

At first, accepting the way of LOA made me feel lazy, as if I am not doing anything to make things happen. In truth, the asking is all that needs to be done. I am constantly learning to divorce timelines and ignore current circumstance. This can prove challenging as I am a physical being that feeds off of what I can experience through my physical senses. But the physical part of who I am is the most superficial part. It is what fades and eventually turns to dust. Why do I try to grasp at something which is fleeting? I think a lot of this behavior comes from fear on my part. It’s like letting go of a steering wheel, but also realizing that that steering wheel you were clenching so hard to wasn’t connected to the car.

The teachings of Abraham Hicks have been so helpful to me because it constantly reminds me that my existence here is enough. It is relieving to feel that I am not in a race nor do I need to prove myself to anyone. The funny part about practicing LOA is trying not to try.

Wait, what?

Yeah, to practice LOA is to allow yourself to want something, let it go, and focus on feeling good in the interim. That’s it. What I am mastering is feeling good in the interim. I must say, I really like not worrying about stuff as much. I like doing whatever I feel like and not doing things that I don’t want to do. The reason why there are books, and teachings about this simple behavior is that, yes, it is simple, but that does not mean it comes easily to most. Especially if you have been living and paying attention to all the noise around you.

There is so much in my vortex that it literally gives me chills. I love when I get to the point that I begin to connect with the me who has already received the physical manifestations that my inner being has been holding onto. I get excited and begin to smile from ear to ear because of the assuredness that I feel is on its way.

The take away from this is to not take away anything! Not to take life so seriously. Not to obsess over lists, and to-dos, and bars too high to reach or distances too far to travel. The beauty is in the moment given RIGHT NOW. As soon as you are able to find satisfaction in this very instant, more of that warm feeling comes flooding into your experience at a speed so fast it makes your head spin. Before you know it, that spin becomes a dance and then you are finally aware of the choreography you have created for your reality. You begin to pirouette into more delightful endeavors and stretch your abundance more and more. There is no end to the miracles that are here for you. The only “work” that needs to be done is feeling good about what is to come NOW. When you find the sincerity in your good feeling it acts as jet fuel for the rest of your desires.

Life is so good.

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