5 Signs You Will Live an Unconventional Life

5 Signs You Will Live an Unconventional Life



You know the feeling… You meet some cool people, see some cool sights, make a memory or two and all of a sudden your feet get itchy and you feel restless.  It’s not to say that the experiences you have had aren’t good enough, usually the contrary, it’s the addiction of knowing that there is more where that came from…somewhere else.  People can’t quite understand how you are so unbothered by going into the unknown…again. People start to think that it has something to do with them and your affection for them, or that you have a commitment problem, or you’re too idealistic which makes you want to scream, “IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!” You have this inner impulse to get moving as soon as things get a bit too comfortable.  Maybe you are afraid of complacency (I know I am) or maybe you just have an adventurous spirit.  You aren’t afraid of the unfamiliar but intrigued by it. By the way, you can “move” without leaving your home town.  Moving can mean switching careers, trying new hobbies, changing what you eat, changing the way you think, etc.  Move= movement either physically or figuratively. The thought of a new move makes you think of new things to learn from new people and new feelings which lead to new growth and a new understanding of life. Who doesn’t like new things?


This kinda has to do with the last point.  It’s hard to keep your attention, but the things that do could stop NYC traffic (at least in your opinion) Small talk to you is the equivalent to nails on a chalkboard and unfortunately, it seems that is the language most people are fluent in.  You don’t really care about the latest TMZ update, what politician to hate, or which Kardashian is crying. It’s all white noise. It takes substance to hold your attention and you won’t apologize for it. You think Why do people care about this sh**? Then you start to get anxious and revert to the previous point mentioned.  You can smell insincerity and physically gag when people try to show off. The problem is you HATE being bored.  You pray that the next person you meet will have some amazing wisdom to offer, and sometimes they do (praise Jesus) but other times it’s just regurgitated fodder they read off Twitter that you heard for the third time that day.  Each time you find yourself in the same conversation at the same bar/ coffee shop/ party/ fill in the blank you can’t help but wonder Is it me?  Why can’t I just play along?  Am I just not understanding?  I’m here to tell you that you are the way you are and it is NOT by accident.  If certain peculiar things interest you that most people don’t know about nor fancy, maybe it is your calling to share that “oddity” with the world. You get bored easily because you know what it is like to actually encounter something interesting.


Maybe you took 5 years of Spanish, or know carpentry from working with your dad over the summer, or can put Louie Armstrong to shame with your trumpet skills.  Maybe you can do all three. Problem is you rarely if ever, see Indeed posting jobs that require all of these skills.  Does that make them useless? OF COURSE NOT! You may look around at your peers and think Wow, they seem to have known what they wanted to do forever, all of their skills are related and are perfect for what they do now. Why can’t I be like that?   Allow me to burst your bubble and clarify that one of two things have happened with these fictitious pictures of perfect people; 1) they researched EXACTLY what skills were needed for the job they currently have but aren’t necessarily passionate about them.  They might be competent in what they do, but hey, I’m great at doing the dishes…catch my drift?  Or 2) they figured out a way to tie all of their interests together for the job that best suited them which they may have had to create themselves.  That’s ideal. That takes creativity and a certain don’t care what other people think attitude toward what it is you enjoy doing.  If you pay attention to anything in life, pay attention to what you enjoy and what you are good at.   Be proud that you are that person in the group that acts like Google when it comes to art history or instinctively know how to maintain balance in any yoga pose. I promise that if you begin to connect the dots what you are supposed to do will be related to what you have already been doing.


Like big ones.  Fantastical ones.  Ideas that make people think Yeah that would be cool if someone did that. And you think Yeah… me.  Your imagination can take off like Usain Bolt at a shot of a pistol and you usually surprise those around you with what is knocking around between your ears.  You’ve always been like that. You really can’t turn it off. You simply don’t accept that the world around you can’t change or that every good idea has already been executed. You love to ponder theories and analyze why things are a certain way and question if that’s really the only way.  You get confused when others just believe what they are told and your personal kryptonite is hearing the phrase That’s just how it is.  You find yourself creating more than consuming mostly because what your interested in, no one else has done. And if you find someone doing what you are interested in, you immediately get another idea and on and on it goes…


Don’t worry this is not an insult!  You are one of the lucky ones. You did not let the doom and gloom of the material world weigh down on the innocence and wonder you were born with.  No matter how many ups and downs you face you come out still excited about the future and inspired by the little things. You aren’t necessarily an eternal optimist (lord knows I’m not) but you do have the ability to find the good in people, appreciate the little things, and not take yourself too seriously.  You have come to realize that life should be enjoyable and keep that in mind with all the decisions you make. You are the person that still rides the shopping cart at the grocery store, pulls pranks on family members, and says Yes more then No.  You might get people that mock you from time to time and ask you how old you are or say that you should act your age, but trust me, those words are coming from a repressed child.  Most won’t admit it, but they long to have a carefree attitude in their adult life.  They would love to sing out loud to cheesy pop music in their car with the windows rolled down, go to the zoo alone and spend way too long feeding the giraffes, or bust out their best dance moves at a stranger’s party to break the ice.  Yes my friend, being childlike is probably one of the most precious, sought after traits any individual could have. In a world that tricks you into writing your CV or resume as soon as you hit puberty, thank your lucky stars that you never paid enough attention to it to change you.  In fact, I bet that someone is thinking about you right now and saying Wow, they seem to have known what they wanted to do forever, all of their skills are related and are perfect for what they do now. Why can’t I be like that?  

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