3 Signs You Are Secretly Vegan

3 Signs You Are Secretly Vegan

I already know what you’re thinking,

“There is NO WAY I could go vegan!” 

 Well, if the following points are true for you then there may be a vegan soul dwelling deep down.


1. You’re Vegetarian (or have been)

If you were once converted, or currently live a herbivore life you may secretly be vegan.  You might have transitioned after seeing a tortuous slaughterhouse documentary, or maybe you realized you hated the taste of red meat, either way fruits and vegetables are not foreign to you.  My friend, the metaphorical seed has been planted.  Most people that have opted for less meat in their life  don’t fully commit to Veganism because they are afraid to part ways with dairy falsely believing they can never taste cheese again. THAT’S NOT TRUE!  The days of  a strict kale diet for vegans is a thing of the past.  There are SO many replacements for dairy that could fool even the French!  Vegetarianism is the courtship, but Veganism is the marriage.  Don’t let a little fear of milk deprive you of a loving and long lasting relationship!

2. You LOVE Carbs

BREAD!  Who doesn’t love a good piece of warm bread?  What about rice?  How about pasta?  I challenge you to find a single person on planet earth who would object to a piece of pizza, vegans are no different.  In fact, a huge part of most vegan diets contain carbs.  The best part about it is if you are vegan you can partake in your beloved macro nutrient without the guilt (and bloating) that your carnivorous peers face.  It’s even common to LOSE weight when going vegan.  Yes, that means you can still have your carbs and your amazing figure! Stacking your sandwich with an array of vegetables benefits your body in so many more ways then meat and cheese EVER could. But remember, if you are having  that cheesy, meaty craving you can always indulge, just refer to point one!  You are secretly vegan if you love pizza, but also want  a beach body.

3. You Prefer Pets to People

Let’s get ethical.  You might have heard of  organizations like PETA who believe in the ethical treatment of animals.  A way to know you are secretly vegan is if you hear the statement

“Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, 

use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way,” 

and find yourself nodding in approval.

We have all looked into a dog or cat’s eyes and felt like there was a little something more behind them so what makes a pig or cow so different?
If you struggle to answer that, you are secretly vegan.

Realizing that the difference in value we place on animals is a learned behavior can cause a person to start questioning everything they do and if they really are as moral as they perceived themselves to be.  Welcome to self- awareness!  It is easier to pick and choose what is ethical and what isn’t based off of our own convenience, but if any of this is making sense to you, you are a caring person

(and a secret vegan!)

Well, now you know… Don’t worry your secret is safe with us.
You can come out when you’re ready.
Remember, you are not alone!

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